Monday, April 4, 2011

Dog Collars for Training

Here are the collars that I generally recommend clients use to help with pulling on leash and to also help with those dogs that bark and lunge at other dogs when they are on leash. If you are using a prong collar or choke collar, I would encourage you to invest in a Gentle Leader or a Halti. These are head collars that
are gentle human collars that "gently leash your dog around"! Where the head goes, the body follows! Most dogs are not used to walking with something on their face, so some time is need to help the dog adjust to the head collar. A simple plan for head collar desensitization can be found online at It's a little extra work, but well worth it.
Sense-ible harnesses are similar to traditional body harnesses with one small important twist: their design discourages pulling instead of encouraging it! These anti-pull harnesses go on like traditional ones, but the leash clips to the chest to help you direct your dog. The trade-off with this choice of equipment is that you get less power steering that with the head collars, but most dogs acclimate to these immediately, so no need for desensitization. More information on this great harness can be found on line at

This is an excerpt taken from my book called Reactive Rover : An Owner's Guide to On Leash Dog Aggression


  1. Very good recommendations! I'm currently looking forward to buying a prong/choke collar for GS and I'd definitely consider your recommendations.

    Good that I don't think you do consider using shock collar in dog training, since you didn't mention it in any of your posts. Hat's off to you for that! I do hope everyone thinks of the same way too, since using shock collar is very inhumane. :(

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  3. I agree, shock collars are very inhumane. I would never use one. I just use a normal dog collars. I don't really know to much about dog collars and this post helped me a lot.
    Thanks for the great info!

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