Sunday, July 31, 2011


I find myself reminding myself and clients when I do private sessions for them and their dogs that Dogs Will BE  Dogs and DO not take it personally when they act like dogs, i.e barking or pulling on leash, eating something gross on the ground, playing with dogs instead of coming to you at the park. DOGS do what dogs do: Get excited, pull to get to where they want to go, have fun with their doggy friends, eat things off the ground, bark at you for attention. If they do not listen to you sometimes is is NOT because they are upset with you or that they are being stubborn. It is simply because they are being dogs. They really do have lemon brains- and that they do what works and does not work. Barking works because it usually gets your attention or it gets the other dog to play with them. Barking out of fear makes the perceived threat go away. Pulling on leash works because your dog gets to where they want to go. Honestly do we really expect our dogs to understand the concept of a leash? That 6 foot nylon thing that hangs off my collar is expected to hold me back to get to where I need to go? Consistency is the key- for teaching your dog any behavior- Communicate directly to your dog what you want and then be consistent about it- Dogs need stability and consistency and guidance. OH yeah they also need love, pets, playtime and food and water!!!


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